Two-Eye Hose Restraints

Your safety is our priority. For this reason Wire Aid only manufactures stocking type hose restraints. This style of hose restraint is far superior to cable or sling type whip checks which do not adequately restrict hoses from whipping.

Our stocking type hose restraints are designed for heavy duty operations in a range of industries and are suitable wherever high-pressure hoses are utilised. Examples of applications include restraining high-pressure hoses dispensing water, air, sand, steam, concrete etc, and for use with hydraulic systems. Our unique design specifically addresses the issue of increased protection at the highest friction points (the ‘legs’ and the actual noose of the anchor point near the fittings).

Wire Aid hose restraints are available in both two-eye and four-eye configurations. While the two-eye style, available in a range of standard sizes, meets the essential safety elements of two mounting points and a long gripping area, the demand for four-eye hose restraints is rapidly increasing. Four-eye hose restraints offer a higher level of safety as the entire length of the high-pressure hose is covered. They are custom-made for your specific requirements and to your individual specifications. Details you need to provide are ‘Hose Outside Diameter’ and ‘Length from shackle point to shackle point’.

Two eye hose restraints Two eye hose restraints
Wire Aid is able to provide UTS ratings (Ultimate Tensile Strength ratings) for all our products. This demonstrates that our product designs have been destruction tested on NATA accredited and calibrated test facilities. The ABS ratings (Aggregrate Breaking Strength ratings) detailed in the table below relate to the theoretical strength of the hose restraint. ABS is explained as the sum of the individual breaking forces of the component wires that make up a hose restraint. The way the hose restraint is designed, forces are imposed on the wires that are absent in a straight line test of a single wire. So, by contrast, the ‘real’ breaking strength (UTS) of the hose restraint is actually considerably less than the theoretical breaking strength (ABS).

• Wire Aid standard hose restraints are manufactured from 2070 high tensile galvanized or 316 stainless steel wire rope.
• Wire Aid adheres to a strict quality schedule in the testing of all our products.
• All Wire Aid hose restraints are independently tested by NATA accredited industry experts in accordance with the industry recommendations.

Two eye hose restraints specifications table